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Customs services

Bonded warehouse
Our deposit is authorized by the customs authority and under its direct control. It is designed to store non-Community goods, without being subject to import duties, VAT or any other quantitative restrictions or restrictions established for their release for free circulation.

VAT warehouse
We can offer a VAT warehouse. The payment of this tax is postponed when the goods leave the warehouse.

Management of excise taxes
According to European law, companies that sell wine and alcohol products between different EU countries must issue a document called DAA, which must be checked in the country of destination. The problem changes when the sale of the above products occurs between parties who do not have their own excise code, or when the company can not issue e-AD or MVV. We offer tax warehouse management services for third parties present in different European countries.
Among the services offered are:
computerized issuance/processing of DAA, DAS documents, tax reports and assistance to competent administrative authorities: excise management.

Customs documentation archive
We were among the first to create an online archive of customs declarations, simple and practical to use and consult. Each client is given a password to access the archive and print the required document. Thus, the time required for the return of customs documents to exporting companies is reduced, and unnecessary postal and paper waste.